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people have found themselves freaked out, hurt, robbed or groped – all because they weren’t aware of Ketamines ‘disassociative’ aspects. Although K only lasts between 15-40 mins. It disassociates the mind from the body, so you won’t be able to feel or control your body with any certainty. It may be impossible to walk, run, or even move at all – all of which can be dangerous if you suddenly find yourself in a dodgy situation. There’s some particular info it’s good to know about with K. Even if you think you know it all anyway coz you take K all the time – here are some tips to stay safe and get the best out of your K experience.Ketamine for sale online Read these tips for safer

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Discussing Ketamine, it is mostly taken in powder/pills/liquid form because if we store it with care, it can last for years.

                                                    WHAT IS KETAMINE

 Ketamine is used to put you to sleep for surgery and to prevent pain and discomfort during certain medical test and procedures. Ketamine May also be used for purposes not listed in this medical guide

(Another article on how K works as a drug, its history, its drug culture etc, is following shortly, stay tuned to our site)

                                           The Side Effect of the Ketamine powder/vials/pills

                We should be careful enough while taking Ketamine like drugs. So here are a few side effects:


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Only a few people know that the US government banned Ketamine when classified by the drug enforcement agency. Ketamine was used as a drug to abuse. And because of its abuse, it was not safe to use it in any medical treatment.

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